Kentucky’s Blasters Tool and Supply Distributes Products from Reliable Brands


BTS Commits to Quality with Relationships to Quality Companies

There are many dependable brands and companies, these are the best.


NEBO Tools is a leading provider of modern lighting equipment. Flashlights are a useful tool to have, it’s key to be able to see things clearly when you’re operating in a tricky spot – especially when blasting.


Aside from being a manufacturer of guns and ammunition, they also craft a number of sturdy knives. A knife is perhaps the most useful blaster’s tools in an arsenal.  Whether it folding, fixed blade, utility, or ceramic – a kit isn’t complete without it.


The Bushnell Corporation focuses on optics and imaging. The binoculars and range finders they provide are important in the safety and functionality component of blasting.


Last but not least, there’s us. Aside from distributing, we also manufacture a number of stellar products which you’ll find abundant, yet reasonably priced.
Shop on our website and see what kind of blasters supply we can set you up with or visit us in person at:
1100 Dylan Drive
Lawrenceburg, KY 40342

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Tips for Storing Explosive Materials

If you’re storing explosive materials, we hope you know what you’re doing. Still, it’s helpful to have some reminders to refresh your memory now and again, and make the rest of us feel a little safer:

1. Store explosive and flammable materials apart from other materials
2. Keep materials clearly marked and in the proper containers 3
3. Store empty barrels and boxes separately
4. Post signs prohibiting smoking and other ignition sources in the area
5. Ventilate all storage areas properly
6. Keep fire extinguisher stations clear and accessible

Storing explosives is a serious business. Blasters Tool and Supply Company provides a variety of day boxes, cap boxes, blasting cap boxes and more explosive storage products that are engineered and built to the highest standards. We also offer custom day boxes for those who require specific sizes. Contact us today to learn more!

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Top Equipment to Use on A Blast Site


1.)  Handheld explosive detonator- You don’t want to be the one blowing things up too closely. Make sure you’re safe and have a detonator.

2.)  Protective Eye Wear- This may seem like a simple one, but you’d be surprised how many people go out blasting without protecting themselves.

3.)  Radio System- Communication in a dangerous area is key, it’s important that everyone is safe and can hear one another before the explosion.

For more information and products, visit There you can find multiple items and even matching t-shirts for your next adventure.

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3 Tips for Improved Hole Drilling

2Work from Small to Large: When drilling large holes, never start with a large bit. Always remember to start a large hole by drilling a small hole in your desired location, and gradually increase bit size to eventually make that larger hole.

  1. Stack Boards: If a project requires you drill a hole straight through a piece of wood, always stack a sacrificial wood board underneath to avoid unsightly splintering on the backside of your drilled board.
  2. Replace Overused Bits: Drill bits can wear out over time. Always be sure to replace worn out bits for effective drilling on every project.

Do you need to replace some drill bits? Blasters Tool and Supply Company offers a wide selection of quality bits to keep you drilling like a pro on every project, every time.

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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Flashlight


  1. Waterproof: Will you need your flashlight in wet areas? If so, consider investing in a waterproof, or water resistant, model for wetness security.
  2. Runtime: How long will you be using your flashlight? You will want a model that, Based on the duration of your trip, has a long enough battery life to sustain the security of your adventure.
  3. Distance: For secure travel, be sure to take note of how far a distance you will need your flashlight beam to reach to ensure route safety. Flashlight beam distance can vary dramatically, so be sure to test before you buy.

Do you need a good flashlight? Blasters Tool and Supply Company offers quality flashlights, at reasonable prices, to keep you safe in the darkest places.

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